▶ You may submit up to five prompts.

▶ All prompts must be set in a fraternity/frat house AU.

▶ All fics must include NCT members as the central focus. Inclusion of non-NCT artists alongside NCT members are permitted.

▶ Requests featuring underaged/de-aged characters or bestiality will be deleted without warnings.

▶ Include Do Wants (DW) and Do Not Wants (DNW) to help potential writers know if your prompt is for them. Please know that not all of your DWs can be catered to.

▶ Try to be as specific about your Do Not Wants (DNW) as possible.


▶ Writers must have an AO3 account to claim prompts.

▶ Writers may claim only one prompt at a time.

▶ Writers who wish to claim an additional prompt must submit a completed fic before the posting date ends.

▶ A maximum of two writers may claim the same fic.


To claim a fic, click on the title of the prompt you want and click the "Claim" button at the bottom the description. To drop a claim, click "Drop Claim" on the same prompt.

NOTE: CLAIMS OPEN FEBRUARY 12TH PST. Any claims made before February 12th will be deleted.


▶ You must be 18+ to participate.

▶ Writers must have their own AO3 account to participate. If you don't have an AO3 account but would like to participate, please email [email protected]

▶ Writers may claim their own prompts.

▶ All fics must be properly tagged with appropriate content warnings.

The minimum word count is 1000. There is no maximum word count.

▶ All fics must be new, complete, self-contained at the time of posting. WIPs and installments of previously published works are prohibited.

▶ Fics featuring underaged/de-aged characters or bestiality will be deleted without warnings.

▶ Works are anonymous until the reveal date. Do not reveal your fic until the scheduled date.

▶ Respect your prompters Do Not Wants (DNW).

Questions? Email [email protected].


What is a fic fest?
A challenge in which participants provide prompts (generally for fanfic) and then choose a prompt from a list compiled by the fest moderators (Fanlore). See also: Prompt Meme.

What counts as a 'Frat AU'?
For the purpose of this fest, a Frat AU constitutes a fic that takes place in, around, or about a college fraternity. This can be taken a variety of ways, but as long as your story prominently features a frat, you're golden. Expect hard partying, harder drinking, and dumbshit antics.

Do all of my characters need to be college students?
Nope. But they do have to be adults.

Can I only use members of the Frat Boy Line?
You can, but it's not mandatory.

Who is in charge of this fest?
Mod Toga runs this event solo. Please be patient when contacting!

What time zone is this fest in?

NOTE: This FAQ will be updated regularly. If you have a question, please email [email protected] OR send a message via Tellonym.


Prompting BeginsJanuary 8th
Prompting Closes & Claims OpenFebruary 12th
Claims EndFebruary 26th
Check-In/Last Day to Drop a PromptApril 2nd
Posting BeginsMay 1st
Posting EndsMay 21st
Author RevealsMay 28th